Pinpoint ushers in a new era of
advanced data, business and
market agility for users, analysts &
IT personnel by infusing an arsenal of smart
new productivity/efficiency technologies
throughout this end-to-end BI solution.

A Much Better, Much Smarter Tool for a Much Lower Total Cost of Ownership!

"Pinpoint bridges the gap between clinical, financial and operational data at the lowest level of detail, offering front-line managers immediate analytical capabilities".
-Michael R. Trznadel, Director - Business Intelligence & Cost Accounting

Blazing Analytical Speeds Without Cubes or Data Marts!

  • No more time and expense of building/maintaining cubes.
  • No more limits/pre-defined drill downs/analyses/reporting.
  • No more limits/indirect access to data pieces/summaries.
  • No more cubes re-design required to introduce new data.
  • No more complex security and report distribution hurdles.
Learn More about Cubes vs. Cubeless

Pinpoint Exceeds New Users' & Analysts’ Expectations!

  • Search/analyze all the data in all host systems.
  • Find needed data; drill down/up/out in seconds.
  • Become a Predictive Analysis expert in minutes.
  • Create your own reports with fantastic visuals.
  • Create your own dashboard with alerts, KPIs and reports.
  • Productivity & Analytic Wizards allow multi-dimensional data views.