Smart Technologies Infused

Although many of Pinpoint’s features and technologies are very innovative; they are not unique, each one may be found in various competitive BI systems. What is unique is that one would be hard pressed to find all these best-of-breed features and technologies in a single offering, unless they found Pinpoint!

  • Fixes BI data limitations and removes query obstacles with new Cubeless Technology.
  • Significantly advances query capabilities via Ad-hoc Multi-tier Querying and Continuous Cell Drilling.
  • Eliminates Open-Source risks by using a non-technical, easy, Windows based application utility with an open architecture.
  • Enables and facilitates new, enterprise-wide improvements in efficiencies, communication and collaboration with Smart Report Authoring, Sharing & Distributing.

Pinpoint deploys and arsenal of smart technologies to progressively advance organizations’ decision-making ability and agility.

These new enabling technologies allow sophisticated BI users to achieve previously unreachable levels of analytics.  The result: advancement of the organizations’ ability to quickly, more precisely pinpoint strategic opportunities and more adeptly capitalize on those opportunities – clearly providing a new competitive edge.

Pinpoint shifts ad-hoc reporting responsibilities and capabilities from IT departments into the hands of end users.  We believe executives understand their business domains and what they need to know; they have lacked only the proper, reliable tool to become self-reliant in viewing and presenting any data, how they want, when they want. We specialize in further BI enabling health care clients of GE/IDX, McKesson, Siemens/SMS, Meditech, Lawson, SAP, IDEA, 3M and Medent.

Smart Technologies Deployed:

Cubeless Data Warehousing combined with “Zero Error” ETL Processing

No more limits to data access, no more cubes, no more pre-selected “data marts”, no more “in-memory” analytics needed, no more “meta layers” and no more limits to data access from any and all disparate systems due to any restraints (hardware, software, computing power, server availability, storage, anything).  All the data can now be directly accessed from your desktop.  And with the automated, automatic fourteen “zero-error” verification system you can now rely on your data.

Ad-hoc Multi-tier Querying combined with Continuous Cell Drilling

No more query limitations.  Simple/intermediate queries (available from most BI systems) are answered in sub-second.  Ad-hoc Multi-tier queries allow you to continually drill-down to further analyze data in any cell of a report.  Streaming queries have no capability limits of combining sophisticated, multiple queries into one answer; delivered to your desktop in moments, not days, with zero IT involvement.   In fact your answer is ”pinpointed” in less time than it took you to input your query!   Pinpoint allows you to use all these query types for what-if queries and forecasting analysis, as well as for customized, parameter-driven alerts and KPI indicators.  Query examples:

  • Intermediate – Which patients, who had what type of surgery last year, did not come back for their follow-up visits, which had follow-up with no concerns, and which came back with what concerns, listed by days after their surgery, by surgeon, by primary care physician?
  • Multi-tier – Of those patients with heart surgery, select by type of heart surgery, select by facility, by a surgeon, by patients with complications, by a male patients over 75, to then drill down to discover the date of surgery, complications, date of last follow-up, results of last follow-up, days hospitalized, prescriptions, outstanding A/R by patient/insurer, A/R age, reason?
  • Continuous Cell Drilling – Which departments see at least 10% of the male patients with age less than 30 that come from our top 50 zip codes and perform procedures which have less than 5% denial rate from insurance companies which pay on average in less than 20 days”. *Streaming – Sequential Threading Report Execution and Analysis Modeling.

Safe/Easy Open System Customization combined with Four Tier Security Architecture

Pinpoint’s open architecture allows you to modify, enhance and customize the system to your needs, similar to Open Source but without the associated Open Source security and legal risks. Your enhancements stay with your company. No more Open Source required sharing of your ideas/enhancements with the community/empowerment of your competitors. No more risks of sharing part of your proprietary code to patch an Open Source bug or unknowingly violate Open Source licensing (a very easy and common event) so your company loses a competitive edge or worst, has their software license revoked, shutting down operations and getting you fired and sued. For further security and HIPAA compliance our Pinpoint Manager tool kit allows you utilize your existing security parameters as well as leverage our latest security technology, pinpointing security and alerts down to the data-level through Four Tier Security: Network, Host-Based, Application and Data.

Smart Report Authoring, Sharing & Distributing combined with Spectacular Presentation Visuals

Get all the capabilities of the best BI systems (custom reports by user and automatic report/alert delivery), with the added capability of sharing your most impactful reports with others, but without sharing your proprietary data.  For example, when you send the report, Pinpoint’s Smart Report Authoring, Sharing & Distributing technology checks the security level/allowances/location/entity association of the recipient, to replace your hospital’s/department’s/clinic’s/physician’s data with theirs, while keeping the report format, headings, columns, etc. intact!  Also, if sharing within the same organization/security level, this technology allows you to embed a note to the recipient (such as – please let me know what happened here/how are you addressing this?) in the report and allow the recipient to respond within the report, thus enhancing efficiency, communication and collaboration.

Productivity & Analytic Wizards combined with State Machine User Guidance

Productivity tools line the top of the dashboard; a sampling includes: previous/nest report/month, analysis (last, rerun last with new input, favorite, historical, previous month, next month, forecast, change and special), plot, export to Excel, sort and drill options (row/column, down, up, back and jump to) and tools to customize your own reports and dashboard. Wizards are represented by buttons on the side of the Pinpoint dashboard, allowing users to quickly analyze data in fourteen different ways, simply by clicking on a button to enter parameters/select from pull-downs. A sample set of Analytical Wizards used by one of our Physician Practice Management Companies includes: Snapshot, Evaluation, Charges, Payments, Practice, Ranking, Quartile, Trend, Statistics, Cross, Baseline, Collection and A/R. State Machine smart technology stores users’ actions to guide them when generating future reports; which they can then store in easily accessed personal report folders per user. Additionally, report templates, both created by user/super user are accessible to the users to modify, allowing a starting point from which to build new templates, dramatically increasing efficiency and productivity.