About Us

5 Minutes vs. 12 Hours – A company used competitive software to crunch 600 million transactions to produce the needed report in 12 hours. They then asked us to use Pinpoint to produce the same report, which we handed to them 5 minutes later. They were amazed!

Since 1987, Integral Information Systems has provided ever-advancing analytical software solutions to health care decision-makers to assist with ever-increasingly complex challenges.  We associate with academic environments to keep abreast of the latest academic research in the business intelligence area and have several well-known research scholars on our technical advisory board.  We also have a close relationship with the University of Buffalo and actively participate in their research work.Our goal has always been to allow organizations to take their financial and operations data and turn it into information that results into precise actionable information on an as-when-needed basis.  All our clients are very positive references because we take the time to understand our clients’ needs and provide them with an analytical tool that does not limit their ability to compare and contrast disparate systems data and financial/operational parameters.

Pinpoint uses a radically different cubeless architecture that allows an extremely fast implementation.  As a low cost alternative to the current B.I. solutions, Pinpoint requires minimal formal training to convert a nontechnical user into a power user of enterprise information. Pinpoint puts powerful analytical capability into the hands of front-line managers, mid-level directors and executive management.  Any authorized user can look at what is happening and make operational changes or corrections before they become bottom-line problems.  Authorized users can generate a report right from their desktop, getting the “what is happening and why?” questions answered as needs arise.  A user is not required to have intensive computer language skills or extensive query writing training to become a successful analyst.

Pinpoint is “point and click” simple, thus significantly increasing user adoption and use, which in turn significantly reduces the time to ROI realization.

Another important, overriding distinction is that while other BI companies are primarily in the business to sell seat licenses and ongoing consulting services, our primary goal is to make BI benefits available to all our customers’ decision makers. This different, singularly focused, customer/user-centricity pushes the customer’s needs to the front. Instead of licensing by the seat, we offer an unlimited user license. Instead of extending our customers’ consulting/customizing dependence on us, we offer a customizing utility within an open-source-like architecture. After our initial customization, this utility-architecture combination allows our customers to customize the system easily, at their pace, as they wish, without the consulting price tag or all the risks associated with open-source use/sharing. Without a limitless license and customer-based system customization abilities, a BI company is not truly customer focused.

We continuously look for new ways to help our customers, which is why our smart report sharing and communication utility was developed. With this utility a report (and its decision-making benefits), produced by one hospital, department, physician office, etc. can be shared with others through Pinpoint, without sharing inappropriate/proprietary data. Pinpoint recognizes the permissions/security/data of the sender and recipients and adjust the data within the reports automatically so that the recipients receive data on their entity and not the senders! The sender can also embed a request in the report at any data point; such as “what happened here/what are you doing to correct”. Recipients have the ability to then respond within the report; resulting in more precise and timely communications and resolving actions. A couple of other noteworthy features designed to further encourage and enhance user queries/reporting:

  • State Machine smart technology stores users’ actions to guide them when generating future reports; which they can then store the reports in an easy-access personal reports folder per user.
  • Analytical Productivity Wizards are represented by buttons on the Pinpoint home page/Executive Dashboard, allowing users to quickly analyze data in fourteen different ways, simply by clicking on a button to enter parameters/select from pull-downs. (Customized KPIs are also displayed). A sample set of Analytical Wizards (14) for a Physician Practice Management Company include: Snapshot, Evaluation, Charges, Payments, Practice, Ranking, Quartile, Trend, Statistics, Cross, Baseline, Collection and A/R.