Unique Centricity Advantages

“We found Pinpoint was not only without equal in non-technical ease of use by providing ad-hoc queried information and drill-downs in seconds vs. hours or days; but also clearly distinguished itself with quick customization capabilities of dashboards and reports.”
– Jeffrey Jacobs, Decision Support Manager, ECMC


End User, Advanced Analyst, IT Personnel and Company Centric, Concurrently… Unheard of until now.

End-User/Analyst Centric

  • BI Beginner & Advanced Analyst Ad-hoc Query Builders – During implementation IIS will teach super users how to build and customize simple BI query builder toll that has the typical data and query structures needed by that user so beginning users can quickly query the system and produce ad-hoc reports on their own; reducing their reliance on super users. Progress can be monitored to allow advancing users to use the same advanced tool that advanced analysts/super users deploy for queries, with all data available, configurable and analyzed in every way imaginable. Seconds to query results, not days or even minutes.
  • Built–in Productivity & Analytical Wizards – Productivity tools line the top of the dashboard; a sampling includes: previous/nest report/month, analysis (last, rerun last with new input, favorite, historical, previous month, next month, forecast, change and special), plot, export to Excel, sort and drill options (row/column, down, up, back and jump to) and tools to customize your own reports and dashboard.  Wizards are represented by buttons on the side of the Pinpoint dashboard, allowing users to quickly analyze data in fourteen different ways, simply by clicking on a button to enter parameters/select from pull-downs.  A sample set of Analytical Wizards used by one of our Physician Practice Management Companies includes: Snapshot, Evaluation, Charges, Payments, Practice, Ranking, Quartile, Trend, Statistics, Cross, Baseline, Collection and A/R.
  • Smart Report Authoring, Sharing &  Distributing – Get all the capabilities of the best BI systems (custom reports by user and automatic report/alert delivery), with the added capability of sharing your most impactful reports with others without worrying about sharing your proprietary data.  For example, when you send a report to another, Pinpoint’s smart technology checks the security level/allowances/location/entity association of the recipient, to replace your hospital’s/department’s/ clinic’s/physician’s data with theirs, while keeping the report format, headings, columns, etc. intact!  Also, if sharing within the same organization/ security level, this technology allows you to embed a note to the recipient (such as – please let me know what happened here/how are you addressing this?) in the report and allow the recipient to respond within the report, thus enhancing efficiency, communication and collaboration. (Learn more in Standard Components Section).
  • Slate Machine User Guidance Technology & Report Templates – Slate Machine smart technology stores users’ actions to guide them when generating future reports; which they can then store in easily accessed personal report folders per user.  Additionally, report templates, both created by user/super user are accessible to the users to modify, allowing a starting point from which to build new templates, dramatically increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Choose from Many “Drop-in” Reporting Formats with Customization Ability – With ExeLaunch users can dynamically populate spreadsheets from disparate and multiple data sources, as well as automatically populate pre-designed and pre-configured excel spreadsheets.  VisiPoint allows you plotting demographic data into intuitive geographical displays to visualize data from Pinpoint onto maps, helping understand supplier/customer differences and trends to determine market opportunities and pitfalls.  With our graphics package you may choose from/drop data into all types of graphs and charts.
  • Customized Dashboards with Alerts, KPI Scorecards & Reports – IIS will train all users how to customize their own dashboards with alerts based on their/company parameters, KPI scorecards based on their goals/the company’s strategic goals and with reports each user regularly uses/analyzes.   Easily installed Alerts and Dashboards allow you to know (just a sampling):
    • Immediately – what just went wrong?
    • Any deviation from your stable revenue producers or any exception reporting.
    • How the intervention/decision you installed/made is performing/affecting others.
    • Forecasts and trending analyses based on the latest data (yesterday’s or todays).
  • Customized BI Executive Portal – This is a super dashboard, customized like your Yahoo or Google home page, where you select from multiple areas of personal interests, news, finances and trends, anything you can think of to be immediately informed and receive data and/or video feeds.
  • Work Off-line/Receive Reports through Laptops/Mobile Devices – End-users can fully work offline through a module which does not require continuous connection to the server and can be periodically synced.  The electronic delivery of reports is normally done through an email that contains a password protected link to each report. Or the email contains a notification to see an updated report on the report’s portal. Pinpoint also has a comprehensive web 2.0 engine; users can also access information/these reports over the web using the web-client over any web browser. The web-portals allow the information to be published in the form of web-dashboard etc. The web-platform also provides complete API/web-services that can be used over REST or SOAP to access information in Pinpoint over the web from a different client, such as a mobile device.

IT Personnel Centric

  • Initial Auto Feed Set-up and You’re Done – The only initial IT involvement that is needed is to set up host system data feeds and their frequency.  After that they or super users can choose to utilize the Pinpoint Manager or have IIS make user/security/parameter, etc. changes.  Integral Information Systems’ personnel are responsible for the ETL processes, data integrity, system testing, training and implementation (all of which generally takes less than three months), as well as on-going maintenance and support!
  • Transfer of Ad-hoc Reporting Responsibilities to Users – Without the responsibility of ad-hoc reporting, IT can focus that time on strategic initiatives.
  • One End-to-End Vendor – As a fully integrated, end-to-end system, Pinpoint does not require IT to manage, coordinate, integrate, train on, support or remember the idiosyncrasies of multiple vendor products.
  • Windows/Unix/Linux/Web Platforms - Pinpoint’s modular multi-layer framework is completely flexible and scalable, as well as highly extensible and customizable (read more later in this document under Architecture).
  • Automatic Report Distribution – During implementation IIS sets up an initial set of reports with distribution pointers by user and frequencies.  Later, IT/super users can adjust these as needed using Pinpoint Manager or have IIS adjust, covered under maintenance.  We further complement your current systems by addressing known reporting weaknesses with master or custom reports, whereby Pinpoint has added-to and often replaced existing reporting, with its inherent, smart, analytic reporting & report distribution capabilities.
  • Worriless, Advanced Security Features & Data Verification – In addition to mirroring existing IT security parameters Pinpoint offers multi-level security (Network, Host Based, Application and Data). In that there are no cubes, each user’s access can be setup on a field-by-field basis, a very unique and thorough approach to controlling access; far exceeding HIPAA requirements.  HIPPA required data elements are recorded for each system access: date & time of access, username, IP address, module name, analysis object definition and report processing time.  Several mitigation strategies are in place for the common security threats. All the assets in the product suite are secured against the common application threats by authentication, authorization, configuration management, sensitive information, sessions’ management, cryptography, exception management, auditing and logging.  Additionally, Pinpoint offers a 14 point data verification system which reviews and reports on each data feed.  A designated customer employee is then presented any data issues to decide to fix, run without and then fix, etc. with the ability to post alerts to user dashboards

Company Centric

  • Unlimited User License – No more ROI limiting decision-making as to who gets what or how many decision-makers can use the system. The more employees incorporating a BI tool into their daily decision-making the more market/issue agile an organization; resulting in faster growth, increased profits and better courses of action.
  • Increased Adherence to the Strategic Plan and Per Employee Tactical Plans – Having key performance indicators, scorecards and alerts aligned with the strategic and tactical plans, on a daily dashboard verses a once a month report, keeps the organization keenly focused on achieving set goals while relaying immediate information as to where adjustments are needed so there are less/no unwanted surprises at the end of the month.
  • Improved Efficiencies & Productivity – Two of the many ways Pinpoint increases your organization’s efficiency and productivity is through “what if” queries and report sharing with issues pinpointed.  Employees will now be able to run what if scenarios to determine the best courses of action and see how those actions affect other departments/employees/goals/etc.  Also imagine employees being able to share their most insightful reports with others, in essence, raising the organization’s performance bar.  And then being able to highlight an exact issue within a report, requesting a response back within that report.
  • Low Entry Cost Ability to Completely Customize the System (eliminating ongoing consulting requirements/costs) – We offer a one-time perpetual license or an easy entry, subscription SaaS model, which is your total cost.  We then offer clients the option of purchasing and receiving training on the same tool we use to set up, customize and administer the system.  No more reliance on high-priced consultants or their timetable to customize the system (see Pinpoint Manager listed later in this document).
  • A System with the Capacity to Grow as Your Company Grows – The Pinpoint system is very lean and does not require extraordinary hardware. The system configuration is governed partly by the amount of data and in part by the number of concurrent users. For an average install we recommend a system with the following configuration: hard disk 500GB; RAM16 GB; CPU 4 core 3GHZ processor.  Although the Pinpoint system has been tested to handle terra-bytes of data, no customer has come close to this level, with the highest level reached, and easily handled, at 450GB and 600 million transactions.
  • Data Utilization for All Functional Areas – Pinpoint utilizes all data from all application areas and sub-areas for all systems, including administration/executive, strategic business planning, financial planning/budgeting, sales, marketing, product development, business development, human resources, inventory/vendor/supplier management and customer/ supplier service and support.  To see a partial listing of the many uses that help Pinpoint deliver a quick and high ROI by specific company function, go to Health Care or Business Functional Benefits under Pinpoint Value, Benefits & ROI.