End-to-End Components

Pinpoint is Offered on a Perpetual License Hosted at Your Site
or as a SaaS Monthly Subscription via Cloud Hosting.

My CFO finally said to me -
“Don’t bring me reports that were not generated
from Pinpoint – I just can’t trust the data.”


Pinpoint is a complete end-to-end BI system.
Included are a fully integrated ETL/Data Integrator, Data Warehouse, Multi-Platform Client Interfaces and an Ad-hoc Query/Analytics Engine. Additional, fully integrated modules include a Presentation/Visualization Suite (Dashboards & Web Portals), Smart Report Authoring, Sharing & Delivering, and an Administrative & Development Studio.

Pinpoint may be the world’s most powerful Data Analytics application.
It is unique in its ability to enable interrogation and multivariate analysis of real-time data consolidated from any number, any size, and any type of database. Now, it is possible, without limits, to combine all financial and operational data from all business units into one warehouse for real-time analysis and reporting. Pinpoint does not require cubes to work-around the issues of scale. Its unique architecture allows views all of the enterprise’s data as a single dynamic database. Business users are able to access all of the company’s real-time data from the transaction layer, if permitted, and create their own analysis without the intervention of a business analyst, consultant or IT personnel. Managers are empowered with a single view of the truth, not snapshots of the past. The result is that multiple business users can use Pinpoint to create complex multi-dimensional analysis of real-time data at incredible speeds. All of the company’s data is at their fingertips. The enterprise information world is no longer flat.

ETL/ELT Data Integration Engine

  • Store “integrated/verified” data extracted as flat files away from host systems/data.
  • Comprehensive design for loading data from multiple, disparate data sources.
  • Full set of scrubbing, massaging, de-normalization, non-trivial association and linearization utilities.
  • Easy setup of complex derived and sub-derived field’s definitions.
  • Standardized complete data verification and validation modules (14 checks with each transfer).
  • Single source of all structured and unstructured data.
  • Data update at any time, in Total Mode or Incremental Mode (most client do daily updates).
  • Integration of Internal and External Databases (e.g. Bench Marks, Currency Exchange Rates).

Data Warehouse

  • Completely cube-less technology; star-schema design.
  • Very lean footprint; most clients store all data for years.
  • Integration of structured and unstructured data.
  • Data Warehouse is built-in and fully integrated with easy import and export of data.
  • Geared for iterative development, without the typical large, upfront development costs.
  • Capable of handling very large volumes of data, limited only by storage capacity (not Pinpoint) and tested accurate in over 1 billion transactions.
  • The Pinpoint data warehouse design has a very lean footprint which manages more transactional data than conventional databases.
  • Pinpoint’s architecture and file system is able to store all historical data without experiencing performance degradation.
  • Security (see Security & Architecture )

Multi-Platform Client Interface

  • This is the graphic user interface which can reside on multiple clients [desktop/laptop (i.e. Windows), Web (any browser), PDAs and Smart Phones] and is used to access the Pinpoint Server System.

Ad-Hoc Query Builder & Analytics Engine

  • Pinpoint’s Ad-Hoc Query Builder equips users with an intuitive graphical interface with which to author simple or extremely complex queries, in minutes without SQL or other programming skills.
  • Complete access to all informational elements captured in the Data Warehouse (structured and unstructured), providing unprecedented capability to correlate and analyze, like social media or email data with structured data collected through marketing campaigns.
  • Access to/exploration of the lowest level transaction. Detail data through complex derived/hierarchical and associational drill ups and drill downs, including advanced-cell drill-down abilities.
  • Predictive Analysis where you can run “what if” scenarios to determine not only the impact/outcomes of your decisions on multiple other factors/KPIs; but also find the scenario which has the greatest positive and least negative impact.
  • Unique ability to find/report/track “non-reported” data: no activity, not existing, post analysis, event tracking, unique identifiers.
  • Strong analytics for actionable information/KPIs…. not just reporting.
  • Ability to drilldown to the transaction level from summary dashboard reports.
  • Offers many pre-built, one-touch statistical analyses, i.e. regression, forecasting & clustering.

“PinPoint enabled us to quickly implement an automated reporting system for producing and distributing over a thousand reports to hundreds of physicians and administrators every month.”

- G. Phillip Schrodel (CEO) Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians

Smart Report Authoring, Sharing & Distributing

  • Easily create ad-hoc reports (IT, analysts and/or end-user).
  • Equips users with an intuitive graphical interface with which to author simple or complex multidimensional (multiple pivot) ad-hoc reports in minutes without any prior report-writing training or programming skills.
  • Complex user-created (ad-hoc) reports can be designed in minutes and generated in seconds – thereby eliminating report specification and design bottlenecks.
  • Automated email/Web report distribution to end users.
  • Ability to create/share generic report templates where your data is automatically replaced with their data.
  • Ability to attach notes inside reports and email to another asking for an explanation/directing focus/etc. with the ability for them to respond back within the report.
  • Ability to drill-down, even on emailed reports.

Sample DashboardCustomized Dashboards with KPIs and Alerts

  • We create an initial set of dashboards and reports (including Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Alerts) during the implementation phase to facilitate immediate productivity. Because this process has been made user-friendly, any further creating/customizing/ modifying of personal dashboards and reports can easily be done by each user.
  • The KPIs and Alerts within each dashboard can also be customized for each user or for a department. Because dashboard information is updated daily, users can see progress towards KPIs and be alerted if something falls above/below indicated parameters on a daily basis. This daily alert dramatically improves response rates from the old process of once a month digging through numerous monthly reports to analyze data to find outliers. To investigate root causes the user simple drills down within the alert to understand and potentially, quickly correct negative outliers/events. The product is a much more agile workforce.