Health Care ROI & Dashboard

“One of the hundred ways Pinpoint has helped us is that it allowed
us to show our Payers substantiated costs against the payers’
reimbursements; thus saving us tens of millions of dollars
over a four year period!”
- Michael R. Trznadel, Director Business Intelligence & Cost Accounting
Most of Pinpoint’s clients are health care providers, either acute care facilities or multi-specialty physician groups. In part that’s because that’s where we started.  But also it’s because the complexity of issues faced by these organizations makes Pinpoint their perfect BI tool.


Quantified Return-on-Investment
(qualified ROIs can be viewed under the Testimonials tab)
One hospital client reported an average $1M in annual incremental, quantifiable operational savings:
Personnel costs $252,000 Reimbursement $600,000 Denial reductions $120,000
Reporting costs $24,000 Cash flow $36,000 Data entry errors $24,000
Whether simply using Pinpoint to make your operation more profitable with better information, using it as the backbone for the creation of an Accountable Care Organization or to establish Meaningful Use for eligibility for incentive payments under the ARRA Hi-Tech Act, Pinpoint is flexible, secure, friendly and powerful.


Sample Dashboard Indicators
(used by one of our hospital clients):


  • Innovation, Growth and DevelopmentAverage Daily Census Daily / Monthly; Admissions Daily/Monthly; Discharges Daily / Monthly; Surgery (In & Out) Daily / Monthly; Traumas Daily/Monthly; Trachs Weekly / Monthly; CMI Weekly / Monthly; Outpatient Visits Daily/Monthly; Emergency Dept. Visits Daily / Monthly; Education & Research Milestone Measurement.
  • Quality - LOS Weekly / Monthly; Patient Days Daily / Monthly; ALC Patient Days Daily / Monthly; Patient Flow/Delay Measurement vs. Expected Milestones; Patient Safety; Compliance with Evidence-Based Practices.
  • Financial Stewardship - Gross Charges Daily / Monthly; Collections Weekly / Monthly; Accounts Receivable Weekly / Monthly; FTE’s Daily / Monthly (Productive / Non Productive) (Clinical / Non-Clinical);  Payroll / Salary Weekly / Monthly; Overtime Daily / Monthly; Financial Ratios- SB% of Expenses Weekly / Monthly; Cost per Adjusted Discharge Day).
  • Patient Views - Patient Complaints (Daily / Monthly Grievances) and Physician Satisfaction.