Health Care Functional Benefits

“We have been using Pinpoint for over five years.  During that time our billing performance and reporting capabilities have improved dramatically due in large part to our ability to access, analyze and distribute key information with Pinpoint.”
- G. Philip Schrodel, CEO, Harvard Medical Faculty Physicians

Billing and Financial

  • Avoid write-offs because your existing billing system doesn’t provide oversight.
  • Verify that payers have taken the appropriate contractual allowances.
  • Identify the root cause of denials (by payer, provider, location, diagnosis or procedure codes or biller), achieve coding error reduction and conduct internal audits.
  • Improve revenue and receivable cycle management, delay reduction and trend/pattern mining.
  • Develop cost allocation at the lowest level based on activity based costing.
  • Strengthen payer negotiations based on actual utilization rates, cost analyses etc.

Clinical Analysis, Quality and Reporting

  • Evaluate effectiveness of clinical pathways, and identify outliers.  (Most systems allow you to measure only what has happened; with Pinpoint you can also measure and evaluate patients who did not receive specific treatments).
  • Develop in-house benchmarking and comparative studies vs. outcomes for refinement of evidence-based best practices and standards.
  • Manage case management for treatment planning, referrals and follow-ups.
  • Measure and manage readmits.
  • Better understand census, case mix management, utilization and length of stay.
  • Easily report and analyze down to the individual RVU level.


  • Conduct audits as necessary to assure compliance.
  • Assure confidentiality of information as needed.

Service Delivery

  • Develop cancellation containment strategies.
  • Develop more accurate forecasting for volume of individual services per patient population.

Human Resources

  • Project FTE needs by department, seasonality, function etc. to optimize scheduling.
  • Evaluate efficiency/productivity by employee, equipment, department, etc.

Marketing and Sales

  • Understand geographic distribution, demographics and socio-graphics of patients by department or specialty use/probable disease states/OB needs to determine optimal, targeted spending on marketing.
  • Track patients and profitability by referral sources and payers.

Strategic Planning/Budgeting

  • Improve forecasting by running what-if scenarios, changing assumptions about utilization, reimbursement rates, capacity, etc.
  • Examine alternative budgeting scenarios and the impact of alternative investments in capital on the profitability of the whole.
  • Easy access to both drill down and roll-up functionality.

IT Analytics, Reporting and Distribution

  • Reporting of outcomes vs. cost savings for ACO payments.
  • Reporting of quality measurements.
  • Distribution of reports in conformance with HIPAA guidelines.