Retail Functional Benefits

“Pinpoint has allowed us to do targeted marketing.
We are able to select targets for our marketing initiatives
and measure the results very quickly and efficiently.”

– Burt Notarius, President, Premier Group

Pinpoint offers tremendous functionality which allows retailers to better manage their costs, understand their clients, develop stronger marketing programs, purchase more precisely and better understand the nuances within the overall financial performance of the company.

“There should be a way for us to track the buying behavior of our customers:  web-based orders, wholesale orders, as well as in our retail outlets and business locations.  I want to see what and how they are buying, what they are bundling it with and what they are not buying and not ordering”.  I want to see who is visiting our outlets and who is not.  And I want to be able to do all sorts of basket analysis to really nail down price elasticity so I can get the best price point.   And I want to change it up frequently, as business patterns change”.   Pinpoint delivers all this functionality and more.

Inventory Management

  • Size reduction and optimization.
  • Loss containment.
  • Analysis of write-downs and mark-downs.


  • Campaign management/customer promotion evaluation.
  • Understanding of buying patterns/preferences by customer groups.

Finance and Budgeting

  • Minimize write-offs with tight tracking of receivables.
  • Easy calculations of due/write-down money and promotional allowances.
  • What-if scenarios for pricing changes, promotional alternatives, etc.

Human Resources

  • Project staffing needs appropriate to anticipated volume.


  • Full daily reporting of sales patterns with ability to drill down to individual transaction level.