Current Partners

Integral Business Insight – An Ontario based VAR representing Integral Information Systems/Pinpoint in Canada.

Pro-Forma Health Care Solutions - An Atlanta based company representing IIS/Pinpoint to international governments.

PEAK Health Solutions – A San Diego based company offering advanced end-to-end health information management services for healthcare facilities and health insurance plans (coding, auditing, education and Medicare risk adjustment services). Notable clients include Kaiser Permanente and the V.A.

Janya, Inc. – An Amherst based company offering multilingual semantic processing capabilities, based on a state-of-the-art hybrid of machine learning and linguistic technologies to accelerate sharing and discovery of hidden knowledge within their existing information stores.

Consensus Point, Inc. – A Nashville based company, is the leading provider of enterprise prediction markets serving corporations and government. Consensus Point offers a comprehensive collective intelligence solution, including Software as a Service (SaaS) with on-demand or on-site licenses, strategic and technical integration services, and support. (Social Networking BI)

Growth Strategists – A Houston based consulting firm, focusing on bringing emerging technology solutions to the Health Care market.

Partner Programs

Value Added Reseller
Pinpoint is a complete end-to-end and cost effective alternative to the current B.I. solutions available in the market; making it an easy-to-sell product with fair profit margins. Pinpoint’s cubeless, query and smart technologies give it the competitive edge over its competitors. If you have current C-Suite decision-maker contacts, we have the product that will wow them with capabilities and an ROI which is quick and substantive. IIS is very accommodating with exclusives by your marketing area/accounts.

Service Partner
Pinpoint is extremely easy to implement tool and its cubeless architecture allows and exceptionally fast implementation within days and weeks (depending upon size of the organization) rather than months and years. IIS has also developed a Pinpoint Manager utility to automate the implementation process wherever possible, making it a feasible task for moderately skilled implementation staff. Pinpoint’s unique architecture requires minimal resources to support and maintain the application, making it more profitable for its service partners.

Consulting Partner
Pinpoint can be mastered quickly making it an excellent tool for consultants to discover and drive business intelligence and performance management across any organization. Quick implementation and easy learning capability minimizes the time to become functional and productive in using Pinpoint as a problem solving tool. Pinpoint consulting partners spend more time on analyzing data and solving business problems, rather than waiting for the tool to become operational or learning the tool itself.